Request New Construction and Line Extensions

Moving in to a new place? Trying to turn on service of a place that already has electric equipment installed? Go to to select a retail provider that will bill you and arrange for your service to be turned on.

Request New Construction and Line Extensions

Please use our online form to request new construction or line extensions for:

  • Site-built homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Subdivisions
  • New apartments and town homes
  • Other projects that require new or increased electricity delivery

Highly technical electrical service questions

We strongly recommend that only professional electricians and contractors complete this form.

The form has 7 steps and asks very specific, highly technical questions pertaining to the specific electric demand and load needed for each project.

Check list: before getting started

  • Property owner information
  • Electrician or contractor information
  • Responsible party paying for line extension
  • Information about the property itself
  • Details from the official deed
  • Plat records
  • Physical location detailed address and GPS coordinates
  • Square footage
  • Details about electric needs for the project
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